Using a Registered Utility Locating Technician (RULT)

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Utility Locating is the process of identifying and labelling underground public and private utilities

This can include storm, sanitary, water, electrical, communication, fibre optics and more.

Onsite locating is necessary as existing maps, as-built drawings and One-Call information are not accurate enough to ensure proper clearance. The ASTTBC Registered Utility Locator (RULT) Certification Program is the first of its kind in BC, and is designed to recognize the competencies of locators who work in various industries and to deliver an enhanced level of public safety.

Confidence in locating reports

Utility Locating uses both Electromagnetic Technology and Ground Penetrating Radar to accurately identify and locate the position of underground utilities. These technologies are non-destructive and provide real time results, however, the technologies themselves are unregulated, meaning anyone could claim to provide the service. That’s where the RULT certification comes in.

ASTTBC Registered Utility Locator Technicians provide the ground disturbance community and others with the confidence needed to complete projects efficiently and safely. When retaining utility locating services, hiring a registered technician means you can be sure that the information reported is accurate, allowing you to proceed with the project and be confident making informed decisions.

Accountability, compliance and safety

A Registered Underground Utility Locator Technician (RULT) is a person who understands and applies all the principals of utility location including the process verifying, identifying and labeling public and private utility mains and other services located primarily underground.

These utility mains locates will verify existing record drawings or official as-built drawings provided by the municipality, property owner, or those obtained through the BC One Call system. A Registered Utility Locating Technician must work in accordance with regulations, standards and techniques applying to each work site in order to best ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all workers, the public, the adjacent properties, the utilities and the environment.

Hiring a RULT

At GeoScan we offer a range of locating services, from Oil Tank Locating and Utility Locating, to Subsurface Utility Engineering.

In order to provide the highest level of service and lead the subsurface locating industry we ensure that our staff are all ASTTBC Registered Utility Locator Technicians. This ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service and the assurances they need.

For more information on Utility Locating and RULT, get in touch with one of our qualified technicians.

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