Providing arborists advanced subsurface imaging of shallow root systems to allow for better tree health management and identifying potential infrastructure conflicts.

Shallow GPR surveys designed specifically to identify and 3D map root networks can provide a previously impossible visualization of any individual tree root extent.

Understanding and observing root systems is essential to understanding the overall health and stability of any given tree. Trees in metropolitan areas and in close proximity to transport and power infrastructure must be maintained and monitored closely to ensure they can thrive without posing any risk to infrastructure.

For engineering and construction projects, particularly in areas where impacts to tree health must be mitigated, having a detailed map of tree roots in the development area can save time and headaches when planning excavations, conflict free.

Internal scanning of mature trees with high resolution GPR is a technique very much in its infancy. However, some incredible imaging is possible that can identify defects, voids and diseases within tree trunks that if not identified early enough can result in premature removal of the tree and even pose safety risks.