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GeoScan's surveying team can provide valuable insights regardless of the stage your construction project is in.

Construction Layout

Construction layout surveys are generally those surveys associated with the layout of new facilities or earthworks.

Point locations or (reference points) are determined from supplied engineers’ drawings and set out in the field to guide the construction of new structures, roads and utilities.

You may or may not also need a legal survey depending on the scope of the job. This would be determined by our registered Surveyors at GeoScan.


We also have the capacity in-house to take civil engineering or other design, and layout those structures on site. We can provide support at any stage of construction.

Whether it is layout of foundation, piles or gridlines, GeoScan Surveying has the expertise, technology, and equipment to achieve the required specification of each project. 

“GeoScan Surveying has provided construction layout services (pile layout) on several of our projects. Their team worked with our team to resolve any discrepancies they saw during their calculating and checking process. The field crew was professional and diligent. They were able to meet our schedule which sometimes required them to come to site with minimal notice. Overall they provided excellent service and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

Drew Kovacs, Hall Shoring & Foundation

In-House Partners

With the help of our subsurface utility engineering department, GeoScan can carry out a subsurface survey of a site to ensure no damage is done to existing underground infrastructure. For multi-storey development projects, we can bring in our sister company VUIT to provide confined space surveys, pre-pour documentation, and pre-design services. Through state-of-the-art laser scanning technology, VUIT is able to track construction progress with point cloud data overlaid with imagery. GeoScan can provide value before the first shovel hits the ground right through to the concrete pouring phase, and even with as-built surveys.

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