Asset 22

Applied high resolution geophysical methods for identifying subsurface forensic evidence.

Providing fast sweeps of large search areas to narrow down investigation zones.

Asset 22

GPR is commonly used for detecting a wide variety of buried items and has proven invaluable in helping to solve cases where evidence has been discarded and/or buried in unknown locations. Some uses of this technology in this application are locating clandestine graves, caches of drugs, weaponry and other forms of buried evidence.

For this application, GPR is often supported by complimentary magnetic and conductivity surveys to provide a more comprehensive scan, depending on the nature of the suspected discarded material and the environment targets may be hidden within.

Our understanding of radar frequency vs imaging resolution and depth penetration allows us to choose the right tool for the job in hand. For example, state of the art high resolution Xradar GPR for identifying targets buried in concrete. We operate a range of GPR antennas in multiple configurations to ensure consistent, reliable results in reasonable time.

Magnetic surveys we provide for forensic analysis surpass simple metal detecting. Utilizing a high resolution fluxgate gradiometer we can identify much smaller magnetic anomalies buried in the shallow subsurface. This technique is akin to sweeping for UXO and IEDs.

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