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GeoScan's partner company Xradar™ brings our clients industry leading technology in Concrete Scanning.

They are proud to guarantee scanning accuracy and historically have reduced concrete scanning errors to less than 1%, compared to the 25% typical for the scanning industry.

Xradar™ Enhanced Concrete Scanning allows you to quickly and accurately locate and map the position of post-tensioned cables, voids, rebar and electrical conduits embedded in concrete.

The service is completely safe and non-destructive helping our clients prevent injuries while saving time and money. Xradar™ then supply diamond coring services, ensuring that your concrete structure is safely penetrated, following the Xradar™ scan.

Xradar’s scanning technique has been designed and developed specifically for scanning concrete, with the accuracy of x-ray but the safety and efficiency of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Utilizing this form of scanning we are able to “see” many objects within the subsurface that would normally be hidden to conventional GPR scanning. Xradar™ Concrete Scanning is able to view objects below wire mesh and distinguish between electrical conduits, radiant heating lines, post-tensioned cables and steel reinforcement (rebar).


This service is unique to GeoScan and is ideal for detecting objects within complex concrete slabs. Xradar™ has a wide range of applications and can detect and map the following in concrete:

  • Post-Tensioned Cables
  • Electrical Conduits (Plastic and Metallic)
  • Steel Reinforcement (Rebar) - Spacing, diameter and depth
  • Voids within and below the concrete slab
  • Water and Radiant Heating Lines (Including leaks)
  • Any other object embedded in concrete

Eliminate Cutting and Drilling Errors

By accurately detecting objects within the concrete, Xradar™ eliminates accidental cutting and drilling errors which can result in high repair costs and project delays. It is the safest and most cost effective solution for locating objects in concrete structures prior to cutting, coring or drilling.

The service is also faster and safer than conventional radiography (concrete x-ray), which can be time-consuming and carries a number of associated health hazards. In addition, only single-sided access is required to record the data.

If you are cutting, coring or drilling then we strongly recommend performing a concrete scan with Xradar™ in order to ensure complete safety and avoid accidental striking of subsurface objects.

Xradar™ Services

Xradar™ offer a wide range of other concrete scanning services and methods across North America and have offices in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City:

Xradar Pre-Design Survey Fly-Through

If you need any Xradar services on your project, then please get in touch with the qualified team, and they’d be happy to talk you through how they can help save you time and money.