Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) was utilized along the course of the proposed new 3km stretch of water main. Existing water main was constructed in the 1940s and had reached the end of its service life. Resultantly, the current water line had to be exposed in order to be upgraded to present-day standards. The pipe route runs through residential areas as well as busy intersections meaning vast amounts of utilities were conflicting with the proposed project.

Upgrades to a current water network in demanded that a 3km stretch of SUE was carried out along the route to ascertain the conflicts associated with the proposed trenching & replacement project.

The path of the pipeline flowed through busy residential areas as well as complicated intersections whereby utilities usually tend to branch off further. GeoScan technicians employed their professional geophysical expertise to locate & survey utilities within the vicinity of the current pipeline including all individual property lateral crossings as well as mapping out unknown conflicts through the use of GPR.

Consequently, our client was able to accurately plan the most efficient, cost-effective methods for future excavations & groundworks, city permits & traffic control requirements thereby minimising any delays that would affect the local population & commuters.