A New BC Location for GeoScan – Utility Locating in Kelowna

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GeoScan is proud to announce operations for Utility Locating in Kelowna and the Thompson Okanagan region, mobilizing from another crucial location within BC.


Introducing GeoScan’s New BC Location – Kelowna

The beautiful ​​Thompson Okanagan region has long been considered as the next logical step in GeoScan’s expansion within BC, specifically for utility locating in Kelowna. The region has a huge requirement for Subsurface Surveys, and its proximity to Vancouver gives GeoScan the ability to mobilize from both locations.

GeoScan will be located in Kelowna to provide Utility Line Locating Services as well as Oil Tank (UST) Locating.

The immediate area being serviced will be Thompson Okanagan, from Salmon Arm down to Osoyoos, as well as Kamloops, Merritt and their surrounding areas.

Kelowna is the fastest growing metro area in BC and the 4th fastest in Canada (1.9% growth with a current population of 220,000). As the area becomes so popular, it’s seeing significant residential growth.

Following the setup of this location, GeoScan expects to grow the region’s team and services further, as well as looking for more areas to expand to. It’s an exciting time for the business!

Fiona Lenton – Operational Manager, Kelowna

GeoScan will be servicing the region around Kelowna with Utility Locating and Oil Tank Locating

What is Utility Locating?

Utility line locating is the process of identifying and labelling underground utilities – including a multitude of subsurface services including communications, electrical, gas, sewer, water and more.

Incredibly, 7-10% of all utility lines located were originally unknown, with no record of them existing

Utilizing the latest geophysical detecting technologies, GeoScan are able to determine the accurate location and depth of these services, onsite, that may or may not be detailed within the specific BC One Call package.

If you have a need for our services, or if you have any questions about the above, please get in touch with our team via our contact page or by calling (236) 361.7412.


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