Xradar™ Enhanced Concrete Scanning on the West Coast

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GeoScan Subsurface Surveys is pleased to announce that we are the only provider of Xradar™ Enhanced Concrete Scanning on the West Coast

Concrete Scanning & Core Drilling

Xradar Guarantees Accurate Concrete Scanning

Xradar™ is an advanced imaging capability utilizing GPR technology which allows you to map and locate objects that conventional GPR cannot. Xradar™ allows you to scan the ground for subsurface objects and is commonly used in applications across construction, archaeology, geophysics, and the military. Concrete scanning is a very common method of cost saving in large construction projects.

What is Xradar™?

​Xradar™ Enhanced Concrete Scanning is a new form of GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), which improves accuracy and has a huge range of applications.

The scanning process works by sending high-frequency electromagnetic waves into the ground from a transmitting antenna. These waves are reflected back as they bounce off objects, which forms an image of the subsurface.

This method can be used on a wide range of surface materials including rock, soil, ice, water, pavements, and other concrete structures. Unlike conventional GPR, Xradar™ can also distinguish between multiple layers of steel reinforcement, locate objects hidden below steel, as well as accurately measuring the size and depth of steel reinforcement.

Why choose Xradar™?

While conventional GPR is an unregulated industry, Xradar™ technicians are highly trained and have an advanced understanding and knowledge, meaning they can accurately interpret the data to form a clear picture of the subsurface.

Xradar™ are so confident in their technicians ability to scan with accuracy, that they guarantee you will not hit an unforeseen target whilst following their guidance

When used for scanning concrete the accuracy and range far outshines that of any other method, while scanning errors are reduced to less than 1%, compared to the 25% typical for the industry.

Using Xradar™ saves you time, prevents injuries, and vastly reduces costly errors that can happen as the result of poor scanning.

GeoScan Subsurface Surveys and Xradar™

​As part of GeoRadar Group, GeoScan is proud to be able to offer Xradar™ Enhanced Concrete Scanning Services as we continue to strive to deliver the highest level of service to our clients. As such, we are the only company on the West Coast that guarantee our concrete scans. This means that you can have full confidence in our services, allowing you to focus on your project without any costly and time-consuming errors.Xradar™ is based in Toronto and Montreal, and GeoScan are excited to bring this industry leading service to the West Coast as the sole provider.

For more information on Xradar™ and the services we offer, head to the service page here, or get in touch.