The Benefits of Xradar vs GPR

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There are a number of options when it comes to concrete scanning and utility locating, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

For a long time Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has been the pinnacle of scanning technology. It is a fast, versatile, and inexpensive solution for detecting objects beneath the surface.

The issue with GPR is that its effectiveness relies solely on the technician using it which can lead to issues, especially in an industry that is, for the most part, unregulated.

Xradar is a new method of concrete imaging that has been proven to reduce scanning errors to less than 1%, compared to the 25% typical for the scanning industry.

What is Xradar?

​Xradar is a new form of scanning developed from GPR with improved accuracy and a huge range of applications. Unlike GPR this method can only be carried out by trained and authorized technicians who are qualified to deliver the service to the highest standards. This ensures that clients receive the most accurate reports and can be confident in the results.

In addition Xradar has the ability to distinguish between multiple layers of steel reinforcement, recognize conduits below reinforcement, and determine the size of the steel reinforcement. All of which GPR is unable to do!

The Problem with GPR

​While ground penetrating radar itself is a fast and effective solution to scanning requirements, the problem surrounding the service is the lack of regulation. This means that a lot of GPR contractors simply do not have the skill or the understanding to properly use the method effectively.

This is a huge problem as it not only gives the industry a bad name, but can cause major issues on site, such as damaging undetected conduits when coring.

GeoScan are regularly called on site to correct the work of unregulated GPR contractors using the more accurate Xradar.

Making the Right Decision for your Business

​With specially trained technicians, Xradar provides you with complete confidence when scanning, and ensures that each job is carried out in the most efficient manner, providing the most accurate results.

This is far more cost effective, saves time, and prevents avoidable injuries and costly errors that can often plague the scanning industry.Get in touch to find out more about our services and how they can help your business!