GeoScan are officially 100% employee-owned

GeoScan & Xradar BC are now employee owned!

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As of 1 May 2021, GeoRadar Group, including GeoScan & Xradar BC, is 100% employee owned!

It has been our vision since the very beginning to have a company that employees can truly take ownership of. To take ownership of its culture, and in the success of the business as a whole.

Read below to find out more about how this dream came about, and what it means to our employees and clients.

GeoRadar Group – GeoScan & Xradar

Who is GeoRadar Group?

GeoRadar Group is a collection of companies offering a huge range of survey services covering many industries across Canada. The Group is made up of GeoScan Subsurface Surveys, GeoScan Land Surveying, Xradar BC, and Vuit 360. The journey started in 2010 with the creation of GeoScan Subsurface Surveys, offering Utility Locating, Concrete Scanning, and Shallow Geophysical Surveys across British Columbia’s Lower Mainland.

GeoRadar Group ESOP


In 2015 GeoScan started branding its Concrete Scanning as Xradar™, and 2 years later an expansion of services included a pivotal partnership with Québec-based Radex, in the creation of Xradar™ Canada, based in Ontario. Xradar™ BC followed soon afterwards, based in Vancouver. Xradar™ now provides concrete scanning services, non-destructive testing (NDT), structural drawings, void & crack detection and corrosion mapping across Canada.


The Xradar Scanning Team use industry leading technology to clearly mark out safest coring locations


Meanwhile GeoScan has continued to grow, expanding to Vancouver Island and Fort St John, continuing to offer Utility Line Locating, Shallow Geophysical Surveys & Subsurface Utility Engineering.

As of 2021 GeoScan now also has a strong BC Land Surveying division, completing an extensive set of survey services available under one GeoRadar Group umbrella.


GeoScan - Offering SUE, Utility line Locating, and Shallow Geophysical Surveys

We’re extremely excited to announce a new chapter for our set of companies, with the creation of our Employee Share Ownership Plan.

What is an Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP)?

An ESOP is a plan made available to eligible employees allowing them to participate in the long term value growth of the business through purchase of an ownership interest.

As ESOP Builders explain, there are a huge range of benefits to both the employees and clients, as the ESOP should attract and retain talented staff, as well as improve productivity and service levels.

How do clients benefit from dealing with an employee owned business?

The impact employee ownership will have on our business is enormous, not just affecting the employees themselves, but the clients that we work with.

Whilst owning part of the company you work for, you have a deep, personal and professional interest in the success of the company, and the satisfaction of its clients. The ESOP ownership culture benefits our fantastic employees in that it gives them true ownership of their future. In turn, clients benefit from that commitment in the pursuit of perfection.

Founder Will Meredith states “We believe if all people had the opportunity to truly own a piece of the business they work for, the world would be in a much better place. We strongly believe in inclusivity and ownership.”

GeoScan Subsurface Utility Engineering


At GeoRadar Group we’re extremely grateful for Veer Business Advisors Ltd in helping us deliver this vision and guiding us through the ESOP process. With the solid foundations built, we now have future expansion plans clearly in focus.

We’re proud of our business and our team, and we are looking forward to employee ownership strongly influencing our day to day operations, as well as being a true part of our culture forever.

If you have any questions about our services, or the business itself, please get in touch through or