Legal Land Surveying is a term used to describe surveys that deal with legal property boundaries or subdivisions of land. Other terms that are often used interchangeably with Legal Surveys are Subdivision Surveys and Development Surveys.

Legal Land Surveying is a term used to describe surveys that deal with legal property boundaries.

Most of the time they are needed to mark existing property boundaries, consolidate multiple parcels, re-establish boundaries, or create new property boundaries for subdivisions. A Legal Survey can also include:

  • Airspace parcels
  • Natural Boundary Adjustment
  • Leases
  • Bare Land and Building Strata
  • Posting of lot corners;
  • Right-of-ways, Easements and Covenants

A BC Land Surveyor – such as GeoScan – advises clients needing government approvals, resulting in a survey and/or creation of a new land title. A Legal Land Survey must be completed under direct supervision of a certified BCLS.

New development projects may require a variety of legal survey plans to re-establish or redistribute land. It may also be needed to define encumbrances.

In other cases, development projects may not require a redistribution of land at all. However, many jurisdictions will require that at minimum, all the subject parcel corners must be in place. This requirement often needs to be met before new development is approved. If any monuments are missing, a posting plan can be prepared to set new monumentation at the missing corners of the land parcel. In more complex cases, a Reference plan may be required to re-establish parcel boundaries.

When redistribution of parcels are required, Subdivision Plans, Airspace Plans, Building Strata Plans, and Bare Land Strata Plans can be put together by the GeoScan Land Surveying team. Along with traditional 2-dimensional plans, GeoScan Land Surveying has the experience to prepare volumetric plans that accompany encumbrance documents defining the subject area and volume. 

GeoScan can also prepare a block outline Plan. With a Block outline plan, you can minimally post the outline of the parcel(s), register the plan and parcels and then complete the posting once the construction is completed. Block outline plans are useful when a client is required to register new parcels, perhaps for purpose of sale but some construction is still required on site that may destroy survey monumentation.


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