Recent Project: Pre-Design Scan for Restaurant

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GeoScan were recently contracted to provide pre-design services for a tenant improvement project prior to the design pf a restaurant.


​A Vancouver based architecture client was in the process of designing a restaurant and wanted to ensure that their design would meet all required regulations and would not cause any issues with the existing structure.

The site was approximately 5,000sqft and includes the restaurant, back of house, washrooms, and bar areas. ​


​GeoScan were called to conduct a Pre-Design concrete scan of the entire area in order to map any potential conflicts for the design team. We used the Vuit 3D Lasar Scanner to produce an updated as-built drawing, which included all in-slab infrastructure.

​The information was provided in the form of a standard report, along with 3D point-cloud data. This data can then be loaded into AutoCAD, allowing the team to design a conflict-free space. By conflict we mean in terms of things such as structural slab bands, post-tension cables, teck cables, conduits, and water lines etc.

​Scanning prior to the design of a project and having all of this detailed information means that you can guarantee there will be no need for a redesign, which commonly cause major delays and incur greater project costs. It also allows the team to explore the location remotely through our 3D Virtual Walkthroughs, making decisions much faster and reducing the need for further site visits.

For more information on how our Pre-Design Surveys can help your project, get in touch with one of our technicians. ​