Recent Project: Former Dumping Ground – Subsurface Survey

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GeoScan were recently hired by a leading engineering company to perform a geophysical survey of a suspected waste dump.


An area south of Victoria on Vancouver Island was suspected to have been used as an illegal dumping ground. Approximately 6,700 square meters, the area required an Electromagnetic Conductivity Survey to determine the presence of buried waste, and therefore confirm the company’s suspicions of illegal dumping.
geophysical survey

Overview of Survey Area


A GeoScan technician performed an Electromagnetic Conductivity Survey of the area in order to test for areas of high conductivity and metallic disturbance.

This technique is commonly used to identify subsurface features, areas of high or low conductivity, and areas of high magnetic disturbance. The data was processed to create two differing colour-coded maps of the subsurface, showing conductivity data in MilliSiemens per Meter (mS/m) and In-Phase (magnetic) data in Parts Per Million (PPM).

The scan showed the main concentration of conductivity in the southern part of the area, confirming the presence of buried waste. The eastern area of the survey also displayed some responses, although with evidence of existing dumping, scrap metal, and other items scattered throughout the survey area on the surface, this is suspected to mainly consist of surface metal.

Although Electromagnetic Conductivity was used for this site, we could also have used a Magnetometer which draws accurate results when determining old, buried material.

electromagnetic survey

Outline of Survey Results
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